Many of my clients over the past year or two have asked what is “Coming Soon” real estate marketing and how does it work?

Coming Soon may appear obvious in explanation but the marketing strategy may not benefit the homeowners like you think.

If a prospective buyer calls and wants to see the home, do you allow them to see it?  If so, aren’t you really on the open market? And, if you are showing the home to some buyers wouldn’t you want to fully advertise the home to any and all buyers?

What if the home isn’t ready and you don’t intend to allow any showings? Do you shoot yourself in the foot and loose these anxious buyers? Do you leave a bad taste with those buyers? Do you actually think a home buyer will put off their home search until your house is ready? News flash-that is very wishful thinking.

On the surface, ‘coming soon’ can appear to be an attention-grabbing strategy, but I am not sure the result benefits the homeowner.

In contrast let me ask you two questions.

One, do you recall seeing lots of coming soon signs prior to the last few years? The answers is not really.

Secondly, do you recall how fast homes were selling the past few years? The answer is lightning fast.

So, why the need for fancy coming soon marketing if homes were selling so fast?

Honestly, real estate agents know the listing would sell quickly and they need to find a way to make their phone ring with prospects… “I am sorry Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, this listing isn’t available for showings for a few more weeks but I know that home up the street is available if you can’t wait, would you want to take a look at that one this afternoon?”

The good news is there is a MUCH better marketing strategy that smart agents can use. I call it my 3D showing strategy. 3D stands for three day delay that takes full advantage of a full MLS, completely open marketing strategy attracting the same anxious buyers interested in coming soon listings.

Check back next week and I will explain why delaying 3 showings for the days is not only smart marketing for any property but beats the attention getting power of ‘Coming Soon’.

I will also explain why the best day to list a property is Wednesday and how that is used in 3D marketing.