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Brian Carlin, Amateur DIY-er

Welcome to Brian’s popular #diy blog showcasing his 30+ years of hands-on home improvement projects and home maintenance advice.

To be fair, Brian status as an “amateur DIY-er” is questionable. He’s a bit of a know-it-all when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Want to try to stump Brian with a home improvement question? Laugh and learn along with Brian’s real estate journey on Omaha’s top real estate Facebook Fan Page.

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DIY Home Tours

Heavenly Acres

The Heavenly Acres neighborhood rests quietly hidden southeast of 132nd and Dodge, one of Omaha's busiest intersections. People move into these homes and never leave making finding one of these homes extremely difficult to find. And as you can see here these homes...

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Country Club Omaha

One drive through the Country Club neighborhood in Omaha and it is no wonder why this is on everyone's favorites list. Streets are lined with picturesque turn of the century Tudor homes similar to the one pictured. Stepping inside a Country Club home is like having a...

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Hanscom Park Home Tour

It always brings a tear to my eye when I see pics of my very first home. We called it "Sponge Bob" because of the awful yellow siding. But, of all the things I changed, updated, remodeled, the indestructible aluminum siding stayed strong. On the inside, not a single...

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