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Field Club Carriage House Tour Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty

One of my favorite neighborhoods in all of Omaha is the Field Club neighborhood.  It is not a very big neighborhood compared to what we think of as Dundee.  But, to me Field Club packs a huge, unique  personality that you won’t find in many other areas.  You don’t live here because of the coffee shops or restaurants or big fancy homes, you live there because of the people.

That’s not to say the homes aren’t exceptional.  Quite the opposite.  Last week I was very excited to bring a classic two story Field Club home to the market. The house was polished and ready for it’s debut but the home sold before I had the chance to publish everything online.  I know, bad problem to have right?

The issue is I really enjoy getting to know a home in order to present it to the market.  And taking the photos is my favorite part.  Luckily, you can still see the home tour on my blog.

The pictures aren’t the only awesome part. This home was originally a tiny carriage house to the neighboring home on Woolworth. The history of owners and remodels and additions this home went through over the years was extensive but you definitely couldn’t tell this home was any different from from it’s bigger brothers and sisters on the block.

The owners have already moved into their new home so you won’t find any furniture in these pictures. But that is a good thing.  Homes with a lot of personality shouldn’t need throw pillows or a faux ficus plant. The typical Field Club home always carries a strong personality. This one is no exception.  Here is a quick glimpse.

Home Details: 2 Story | 3 beds | 2 baths | 0 car | 1988 sq ft

Neighborhood: Field Club

Asking Price & Status: $192,500 | Pending

Photographs by: Brian Carlin

Listed by: Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty

Curb appeal!  You’ve got to have it and this home has it.  I think the green paint on the front porch is a much-improved option over boring concrete gray.

image of a sign nailed to the outside of the front entry that reads,

Had to include a picture of this sign that is nailed to the outside of the house just to the right of the entry. LOL!

Historic Field Club Carriage house tour front entry

Wow!  The curb appeal doesn’t stop at the front door.  Awesome hardwood floors and walnut stained woodwork set the tone for the rest of the house.

Field Club Carriage House Tour stairwell

How about this stairwell!  The open concept was apparently alive and well in the early part of the 20th century.

Field Club Carriage House Tour Sunroom

Parlez vous francais? Who doesn’t love french doors that open to a sunroom? This additon to the south side of the house was a late addition and let’s in a ton of natural light.

Field Club Carriage House Tour fireplace

The woodwork continues around the rebuilt fireplace.  I am always a fan of keeping any updates to period but I also say don’t be afraid to mix in trendy materials if they fit into the overall style.  I think the horizontal glass tile surounding the fireplace works great.

The dining room is one thing that didn’t need any upgrades.  The shoulder height wainscoting with plate rail is classic.  And the chandelier is believed to be original as well.

Field Club Carriage House Tour half bathroom

A half bathroom on the main floor of a two story home is a signficant feature that carries a lot of value in older parts of Omaha.

Field Club Carriage House Tour

Wall sconce lights are found throughout many of the bedrooms and main living areas.  Some of them are believed to be original