Why care about the Street of Dreams at all? You have zero interest in moving and no plans to take on that kitchen remodel anytime soon. Why tease yourself with all those fancy new gadgets and design trends?

I would argue the annual Metro Omaha Builders Association’s Street of Dreams (and the Spring and Fall Parade of Homes) are very much worth a few moments of your attention if not a leisurely visit.

Here’s why…

First, these are real homes with honest expectations to be sold soon. The builders and designers have put a lot of money into these homes to be attractive in today’s local market so don’t expect chandelier’s and gold plated plumbing faucets of a lifestyle’s of the rich and famous magazine.

aster bathtub


If a master bathroom tub is still present it isn’t for bathing, its meant for admiring.

Second, pay less attention to things like flooring or paint colors and pay more attention to things like the disappearing bathtub in the master bathroom. Trends come and go but functional design trends mirror lifestyle changes. How awesome would it be to wake up and leave your sleeping spouse undisturbed because as you exit the bedroom not the way you entered but through the bathroom closet?

One of the many new and unique design changes happening in the master bedroom are the textured accent wall and elliptical ceilings

Thirdly, advances in home science and design are making home products safer. I just told you not to pay attention to flooring but now I’m telling you to pay attention to the flooring. Why? Carpets on a damp Midwest concrete basement floor have been identified as a significant source of allergens. LVT or luxury vinyl tile is mildew resistant, extremely durable, very economical to install, and comes in an array of colors and styles

Faux wood Luxury Vinyl tile
Faux wood Luxury Vinyl tile replaces the traditional basement carpet

Fourth, long standing building standards are changing to accommodate a population preferring to age in place. The heights of electrical outlets, lip-less shower entries, zero-step patios, and kitchens cabinets with 500 lb full extension drawer slides are all examples of features designed for diminishing physical abilities.

Paper towel roll holder
New kitchen features include a paper towel roll holder replacing the top pull out drawer of chalk painted cabinet.

I know not everyone is a big home improvement geek like me but I firmly believe there is something for everyone in this years Street of Dreams. You have one weekend left to visit. The Street of Dreams tour ends Sunday at 8pm. For a map of the Bridgeport neighborhood located at 180th and Cornhusker click here…