It always brings a tear to my eye when I see pics of my very first home. We called it “Sponge Bob” because of the awful yellow siding.

But, of all the things I changed, updated, remodeled, the indestructible aluminum siding stayed strong. On the inside, not a single square inch remained the same.

It would be painful to add up all the expense and time I spent on the projects but these memories are nothing but rose colored.

The front porch was a super big project but turned out awesome. I am probably most proud of the wrap around stairs and the refurbishing of the original three-inch lap siding. Read here in DIY Projects Front Porch for more details…

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the stairway rebuild. If curb appeal is of primary importance, something like this just as you enter a home is a close second.

I tore down the original plaster ceilings and replaced with lightly textured drywall and crown molding in both the family and dining rooms. The original book ends on either side of the wall separating the rooms had been removed prior to my ownership, however unfortunate, did allow for a much larger space.

The original kitchen was no larger than what you see but one of the first things I did was remove a wall separating this space with the an adjacent handicap modified bedroom allowing for a nice sized eat in area (not pictured).

The upstairs main bathroom was a super fun project that went from a dysfunctional mess to one of my favorite rooms in the house. Stool, tub and double vanity were all rearranged to the happy invoicing of my plumber. The result… even better than what

I tell my clients all the time that not all square feet is created equal. Some homes with lesser square feet will simply feel larger due to a better floor plan. And this house was one of the latter, especially in the huge master bedroom.

The basement was an all out mess for years. Although the ceiling height was challenging (typical for the vintage and neighborhood) the finished product turned out great and added a ton of very usable square feet.

Of all the things that I mess about this house, the quaint back patio and deck are it. Almost every morning began with coffee on the deck and ended with an adult beverage near the fire pit.