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The Heavenly Acres neighborhood rests quietly hidden southeast of 132nd and Dodge, one of Omaha’s busiest intersections. People move into these homes and never leave making finding one of these homes extremely difficult to find.

And as you can see here these homes come with a ton of personality. This home that I sold in 2018 is no exception. Built in the late 60’s the mid century modern style remains strong. Even though the multi level floor plan is very unique it only added to the allure.

Vaulted and beamed ceilings gave the family room a great room an open, airy feel many years in advance of the great room trend.

The central focus of the room is the fireplace of course. Refreshing not to see a giant TV consuming the space isn’t it?

Every home deserves a sitting room. We cleared out a lot of tall house plants for the pictures but I’d recommend putting them right back to double up on the relaxing, grab a book and loose yourself feel.

The good thing about architectural styles is that there are no hard rules. This contemporary kitchen fits well with the rest of the house. The avocado colored center island featured two massively deep pull out cabinets, all the rage in contemporary builds.

If you wait long enough everything comes back in style. The teak wet bar and styled mirror tucked off center allow for a sizable sectional couch facing an off picture additional fireplace.

Not everything needs to be big in order to be enjoyable. This patio deck sits directly off the master bedroom overlooking a fully landscaped 1/2 acre backyard.