Today’s world of real estate marketing is ever evolving. To be online is no longer enough. In a sellers market, the MLS alone may do the trick but most of the time instead of wishing they were coming to you it is necessary to go to them.

Traditional Marketing

The first week your home is on the market is the most critical. Entice an offer in the first few days of being on the market and you can expect a generous outcome. The MLS and traditional advertising such as signs, flyers, and newspaper advertisements set the foundation for a well designed marketing plan those first few days on market.

We are lucky in Omaha to have a single very powerful MLS (Multiple Listing Service) with subscription to every real estate agent in the greater Omaha area. Regardless of the listing broker, once a listing is published on the MLS it becomes available to every agent and their home buying prospects. A properly planned MLS Listing is designed to attract buyer agents and buyers directly. That package begins with photography and enticing public remarks.

A quick review of online home sales and you might think some agents still use disposable Kodak cameras. Photographs should be a top priority even if it needs to be done by a professional. Photos of a home for sale should walk a prospect through the home yet make the buyer want to see more. Get too fancy with the editing software and a buyer thinks you are covering something up. Use a wide angle lens to make a small room look huge and you are setting expectations beyond what the home can deliver.

****Take interior photos with camera chest high. Take curbside cover photos opposite the side of the driveway with the camera overhead as high as you can reach.

The second most important feature of a home sale marketing plan are the public remarks used to sell the unique personality and features of your home. Key in on what makes your home special, don’t overemphasize location, avoid being redundant with number of bedrooms and baths, and color your home with a few warm fuzzy descriptions. Purchasing a home is more an emotional decision than a financial one. Good remarks should appeal to that emotion.

Leveraging Online Home Sale Technology

In today’s complex, digitally driven home sale market, nine in 10 home buyers rely on the internet as a primary research source. Getting your home sale in front of targeted buyers is like hitting a moving target but possible for the tech savvy home seller. Knowledgeable real estate agents have found ways to enhance their listings, boost their profiles, and sometimes even pay extra to have their listings placed in the top results.

The good news is that public real estate websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and have made arrangements with the Omaha MLS board to automatically publish each home listing using ‘syndication’ arrangements. This arrangement is almost worth the price of MLS entry in itself. But again, the challenge is to somehow have your home published on the front page of the results instead of lumped in the back with all the other homes for sale.

Social Media is also playing an ever increasing importance in the home buying world. More often consumers of all types are turning to their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or Pinterest boards for trusted suggestions from family and friends. Ever shopped online for something only to see a side bar advertisement the very next time you log in? Why couldn’t that be an advertisement for your home?

Communication and Feedback

Surprisingly, good communication and feedback is an essential element often neglected. Fluctuations in the home buying attitudes require game time adjustments and a constant ear to the ground. Weekly audits of online activity and neighborhood sales help to gauge how you are doing against the competition. Showing feedback is the stand alone best tool to make adjustments within your immediate control. A good question to ask any listing agent, especially those a part of a ‘team’ would be how often you will we be reviewing market conditions, sensitive feedback, and which team member will be responsible for these details?

The how and where you market your home can have a large impact on its final sale price. The more ready, willing, and able/qualified buyers you can get through your doors the greater the odds of capturing that bit of extra blue sky in home value. Proper Home sale marketing puts together all the hard work and preparation into a gift wrapped bundle ready to capture the emotions, and wallets, of home buyer prospects.