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Think you’re ready to downsize?

Bigger isn’t always better.

Meanwhile…Baby boomers are retiring. Gen Xers are becoming empty nestors, and Millenials are opting for smaller first time homes.

All of a sudden, the downsized home has become everyone’s favorite.

If you’re onsidering a move, take the stress out of your transition by downloading my Complete Guide to Downsizing.

Inside you’ll find…

  • The right (and wrong) way to buy and sell at the same time
  • Townhomes vs. Villas: What’s the difference?
  • How to win a bidding war
  • Omaha’s best apartments and 55+ neighborhoods
  • How to sell a home showing its age and full of stuff

Brian’s Downsizing Guide takes 20+ years real estate experience into a commonsense approach to a complex move.

Best thing is, it’s free and available for download now, without obligation.