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Home Improvement Projects

Selecting Garage Doors

Selecting Garage Doors

Add Your Heading Text Here The garage door is the ugly step child of curb appeal conversations but in reality is HUGELY important. Never mind the tree that appears to be growing on the peak of my roof, the garage doors you see here could be original to the 50's. Two...

DIY Project: Hanscom Park Home Front Porch

Everybody, meet Sponge Bob. My first home. For $85,000 he was a great buy. Don't ask me to add up all the receipts for home improvement. When I said, "I rebuilt the front porch", I mean I rebuilt the front porch. I had to. The roof line smiled at visitors as they...

Best DIY Mudroom Countertops Ever!

I LOVE/LOVE/LOVE how this project turned out. Talk about stepping out my comfort zone.  Have you figured out what those countertops are made of yet?  OSB! Yes, it’s that stuff you find purposefully hidden under the carpet. Being creative with OSB is very...

DIY Tips & Trends

Inside Look – Home Tours

Hanscom Park Home Tour

It always brings a tear to my eye when I see pics of my very first home. We called it "Sponge Bob" because of the awful yellow siding. But, of all the things I changed, updated, remodeled, the...

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Outdoors and Landscaping



I imagine when most families take their kids to the zoo they expect to return home with a camera full cute, glass-smudging kid photos. I may have missed the boat on that during our last trip. During a late summer trip to Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo I was completely...

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