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Friends from the UK

More often than not both Lauren and I take the opportunities that come with birthdays and holidays to give each other gifts for the home that we both can enjoy. 

A few weeks prior to our last anniversary Lauren pointed out a painting in Pottery Barn magazine and believe it or not I was actually paying attention.  I took Lauren’s softball of a hint and hit it out of the park with a great find on some similar artwork.

Never mind it was from a store across the Atlantic in London, that only adds to the story.

I found these fantastic His & Her Herons on a gold canvas.  The romantic side of me loved the fact it was a set of paintings for our anniversary.

Maybe someone with knowledge of interior design history from the 50’s could correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t paintings of birds like this associated with the era in some fashion? Maybe it is because I fondly remember seeing similar artwork of birds in my grandparents’ home.

The romantic in me loves the his and her matching water color heron paintings above our master bed[/caption]

The Pottery Barn paintings that Lauren pointed out had a price tag well over $800 plus shipping. It didn’t take me long to find numerous, much cheaper options online.  

< You can find the original paintings we liked here…www.potterybarn.com/products/great-white-heron-print>


Friends from the UK

Now the only challenge is where to place them?  Originally, we were thinking above the dining room but the master bedroom my be the best perch.

A pair of his and her water color heron paintings sit atop our dining room hutch[/caption]