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Congratulations! You’ve decided to make that jump into a new home. You are walking on cloud nine and life couldn’t be more exciting. Just for a moment, do whatever you can to remember these feelings because you are about to move. And moving STINKS!

Take a deep breath. Don’t start hyperventilating. Fortunately after 14 plus years of helping many of my clients move there are some basics tips to keep you focused and excited.
Whether you are moving a few blocks, a few miles or across state lines there are plenty of options to fit your budget and fitness level.

Do you want a company to provide a truck, pack your stuff, load all the boxes, drive everything across town, unload and reassemble at your new home? This would be the Full Service Move. An all-inclusive full service option provides the most service in the shortest amount of time. This option comes with a hefty price tag but delivers the most physical and mental relief. The heaviest item you need to pick up may be the Bloody Mary to get your morning off to the right start.

For those that have heard too many moving company horror stories or the thought of others rummaging through all your stuff is a bit violating, the Self- Move may be the best option. I’m told sorting and boxing can even be therapeutic and help provide that much needed cleanse.

The self-move is the opposite end of the spectrum from the Full Service Option and will involve an early decision to rent a portable storage container or rent a moving truck. The portable storage container will you a few weeks at sorting and boxing while renting a truck gives you a day or two to work at a more brisk pace. If pizza and adult beverages can lure a few family and friends go with the truck and in one big night you can be loaded up in no time. Keep in mind friends don’t carry moving insurance for any broken or lost items.

If your friends resemble comedian Chris Rock more than the ageless Arnold Schwarzenegger, you might try the middle of the road option. With an Assisted-Move you can take as long as you want to organize and pack and when you’re ready the muscle is called in to do all the heavy lifting. You can rent a truck for day or the truck and the labor combo. Either way, the experience and back saving effort is well worth the hourly rate.

At the end of the day moving is a bit like ripping off a band aide. The physical nature of the move is only half the battle. Taking advantage of moving options has saved many a family.