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Blackstone District Real Estate

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Blackstone District Real Estate

Midtown Omaha Real Estate. Midtown Omaha residents can confirm, “They just don’t build them like they used to.” The collection of neighborhoods in east central Omaha represent the heart and soul of all things Omaha.

Midtown Omaha Location. Rich in history and architecture, this community is the original front porch suburbs to Omaha’s downtown business district. Anchored by unique commercial or entertainment centers, the popularity contest is a never ending battle. Walking distance to the coffee shop, the latest brew pub, or the local church is often a priority to the typical home buyer.

Midtown Omaha is located within the Omaha Public Schools district with both Creighton University and University of Nebraska-Omaha bringing a youthful energy to many Midtown hotspots.

The Midtown Omaha Real Estate Market. Homes styles in Midtown can be anything from a turn of the century 2 and a half story American Foursquare to a 50s raised ranch on the western outskirts. Home sizes, styles, and values change block to block unlike full neighborhoods of the same genre as in West Omaha.

Brian’s Recommendations, Attractions, Highlights. There are plenty of reasons to venture outside with Memorial Park, Hanscom Bark Park, and the oldest country club west of the Missouri River—Field Club Country Club.

Excellent medical care is available to residents across the Midtown area with easy access to University of Nebraska Medical CenterChildren’s Hospital, and Bergan Mercy Hospital.

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Homes styles in Midtown can be anything from a turn of the century 2 and a half story American Foursquare to a 50s raised ranch on the western outskirts


Space comes at a premium, especially in kitchens and closets, and a 3-car garage is almost unheard of.  Hardwood floors are a standard but are accompanied with single pane windows.  Current residents of these wonderful homes understand a weekend is for house projects and a never ending labor of love.

*What makes Midtown special is that attorneys and doctors live next to the plumbers and teachers weaving the ideal front porch social fabric that is lost in a lot of other parts of town. 

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