The family man in me looks at the weekend as a time to accomplish two things. One, make progress on a home project and two, do something significant with the family. If I can do both, Home Run! Thanksgiving weekend and accomplishment are not necessarily complimentary events, but I did accomplish a few projects among the extra family time this year. By the way, someone once explained to me a genius way to remember the lawn and turf maintenance schedule that revolved around the holidays. I took that concept and added non-lawn activities for the colder part of the year. The weekend following Thanksgiving is dedicated to two things, first is putting up the Christmas lights and the second is testing the smoke/CO alarms. When is the last time you tested your smoke alarms?  Do you even have CO alarms installed, one on each floor? It is a simple task. Took me less than 20 minutes. It is just one of those nagging To-Dos that is more easily forgotten than accomplished. It is sad to say, but it took my brother’s home burning down to make this a priority and I can only hope you will do the same. On a much less serious note, the annual hanging of the Christmas lights is an exciting day. The day begins by pushing play on the old VCR and watching the how to video, aka National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation. Then down to the basement to bring up the boxes of decorations. Lauren tackles the inside decorations and I brave the elements. The weather was absolutely awesome this weekend, so I was even able to fight off the neighborhood turkeys and rake some leaves. And the other, maybe the most important accomplishment of the weekend, was teaching my two-and-a-half-year-old how to properly eat Thanksgiving left-overs…by warming up all the fixins in one big pile of Thanksgiving goodness…It’s all going to the same place so why not make each bite a sample of the entire meal. If we haven’t gotten a Christmas tree this is the weekend we try to do that as well.