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Much more than a Peyton Manning audible.

We love college athletics, our zoo, and steak.

We complain about the cold in winter,

the heat in the summer,

hail storms and spring tornadoes,

and the Autumn weekends picking up leaves,

and do it all wearing shorts and a hoodie.

Spring potholes and eye-popping property taxes, show our growing pains.

Our schools are excellent, homes- affordable.

We go to church on Sunday, aren’t afraid to talk politics

Family dinner is at 6, unless your from the farm and call it supper.

Omaha is definitely somewhere in the middle of America, ask Hootie.

The guy in the muddy boots is a millionaire.

She runs weekend marathons and a local Fortune 500.

Boystown has girls.

We call it pop, not soda.

The Oracle of Omaha can pick a stock but not a steak.

Rhubarb is that big bitter leafy thing in your grandma’s garden.

Tanking is what you do on a creek, crick, or river.

Everything is only “a few blocks off Dodge Street.”

There is no way “You can get anywhere in Omaha in under 20 minutes.”

And, the two-finger wave is actually a good thing.

You may not like red beer or Runza but I promise you’ll like the Puppychow.

Omaha is refreshingly simple.

We don’t have oceans or mountains, and yet you’re always excited to come back home.

There’s plenty of space to find your place in Omaha.