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Long-held belief in Omaha is that you can get anywhere in 20 minutes. I’m not sure that is still the case, but don’t tell that to a local.

Omaha is a growing city, yet we’re proud of our small-town roots. Our work ethic is second to none and hanging out with our neighbor is still our favorite past time.

Our schools are excellent, and homes are affordable. We love college athletics, our zoo, and steak. We’ll complain about the cold in winter and the heat in summer, but shorts are always an option.

Spring potholes, eye-popping property taxes, and a few struggling inner-city neighborhoods show our growing pains, but we go to church on Sunday, aren’t afraid to talk politics, and family dinner is at 6- don’t be late.

The guy in the muddy boots is a millionaire. The gal on the treadmill next to you is the CEO of one of our seven Fortune 500 companies. You can trust the Oracle of Omaha to pick good a stock, but not his choice of local restaurants.

Boystown has girls. We call it pop, not soda. Tanking is what you do on a creek, crick, or river. Rhubarb is that big leafy thing in your grandparents’ garden and well worth a try in a pie.

The two-finger wave is a good thing. Sometimes there is an ‘r’ in ‘wash’ and you may not like red beer or Runza but I promise you’ll like the Puppychow.

Omaha is pleasantly simple. We don’t have oceans or mountains, but you’re always excited to come back home. There’s plenty of space to find your place in Omaha.

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