Even in the best seller’s market it is critical to properly prepare your home for sale to capture maximum profits. This step is truly the art behind a home sale. Spend some money in the right places and buyers will flock to your home.

In this section, Brian highlights experienced tips to put your home’s best foot forward. Typically we won’t be needing to replace windows or complete a kitchen remodel…”typically”, but rarely is home prep limited to a paint brush and mop bucket either. Now is also the time to critically review any potential home inspection or appraisal issues. Address these issues now to avoid more expensive costs and potential roadblocks later.

Curb Appeal

If a book is judged by its cover a home is judged by its cover photo. In this day of online home shopping curb appeal cannot be overemphasized and is also the perfect place to start the home preparation process.

The next chance you get, take in a camera lens view of your home standing at the front curb. How does it look compared to your neighbors? The competition and other homes you’ve seen online? Does it look inviting and set the tone for the rest of the house? Visit a few model homes of local builders and take some notes on their approach. You get only one chance at a first impression.

[mk_message_box type=”comment-message”]Realtor Tip: If your home has been listed on the market for a few weeks and activity is starting to slide, a new cover photo from a different angle might renew some activity from buyers on the fence.[/mk_message_box]

[mk_message_box type=”comment-message”]Realtor Tip: Give your front entry some extra attention. Make this first physical contact with your home an enjoyable experience so it isn’t remembered as the house with that old tricky front door.[/mk_message_box]

Kitchens and bathrooms and master suite

Home buyers will often enter a home and march directly to the kitchen. First impressions may come from the outside, but lasting impressions happen in the kitchen. Today’s buyers prefer kitchens with an open layout from kitchen to family room. Anything you can do to obtain that open, bright feeling will be effort well spent.

[mk_message_box type=”comment-message”]Realtor Tip: Realtor Tip: the kitchen table plays a major role in the special awareness of a room. Too small and some buyers may think there isn’t enough room for the entire family. Too large and they may think the kitchen is too small.[/mk_message_box]

The master suite and main bathroom are a close second in importance. Extra space can be realized with organized and thinned closets. Bathrooms need to be especially bright and smell good. If there is any place to hire outside help it may be in the cleaning of the bathroom.

Backyards and Basement

It might appear odd to group backyards and basements together when in actuality these are of very similar importance. A prospective buyer rarely chooses a home primarily for either of these spaces but you can definitely loose them. I wouldn’t recommend spending wow factor money but you can definitely seal the deal here.

The Garage

The garage is the new man den. Win him over with a little space, a TV outlet, and a beer fridge. This is not to say the garage does not need to be cleaned and organized. In fact, the garage is often referred to as the test zone. If the garage is nice and tidy homebuyers are likely to assume the current homeowners have always kept a tight ship inside.

Home Inspection review

The home inspection is the number one reason purchase contracts fall apart prior to closing. An ounce of prevention before your home hits the market can save you money and the hassle of a buyers watchful eye. Common home inspections issues are often found in the electrical panel and in the attic. Go the extra length to visit the often forgotten mechanicals and structural components of your home.

[mk_message_box type=”comment-message”]Realtor Tip: One of the many hats worn throughout the home sale process will be as part contractor. An experienced agent should have a firm knowledge base of home maintenance and a trustworthy inexpensive contractor network.[/mk_message_box]

Uncovering Potential Value

A quick google search will provide countless articles loaded with expert advice on how to increase the value of your home. The trick is not ending up in the poor house with no reason to expect an increase in sale value. Address those nagging maintenance issues way before you consider upgrading to granite counters and stainless appliances.

A true real estate professional shines in this advisory role. Priority begins with the overall condition of the basics. Paint and cabinet rejuvenator will go along way, as will updated light fixtures, sink faucets and a professional carpet clean. And don’t forget to declutter. Nothing does more help than a few trips to Goodwill.

All the fun of looking at new homes and dreaming of a big proceeds check lay squarely on the shoulders of the home sale preparation process. The day you sign the listing agreement should be the day you say to yourself, “Our home has never looked so good.”

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  • Comparable sales should come from the immediate neighborhood and rarely outside one mile away.
  • Any comparable sales selected outside of the immediate neighborhood need evaluated on neighborhood similarity.
  • In Omaha, the typical home buyer will search in a 3 mile perimeter with hard parameters east and west, north and south.
  • North or south of Dodge is also a frequent preference for some buyers.
  • The ratio of active to pending homes will be a good measure for current market activity.
  • Buyers begin to get extremely particular above $400,000 and are much less urgent on average.