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A huge thank you to everyone who commented, texted, or messaged words of encouragement and feedback about the first blog article on our house. I thought the ‘Sawdust Stories’ would be painfully obvious I am more comfortable with a hammer than a pencil but I was extremely delighted so many took interest.

I will try to get more regular posting articles, updates and #Instagram worthy pics on our project list.  The good news is our wish list for fall and winter home projects is rather lengthy.

Here is a quick look ahead at what we hope to wrap up before it turns to cold…

Build and install the new fence gates next to the pool house.  We needed the privacy to hide the lawn tools storage area and I refused to build a standard picket privacy fence.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how the horizontal cedar plank matches the mid modern feel of the house.

The laundry/utility room may be my favorite project to date.  I was fortunate to trade some home sale help with a contractor turned friend who happens to be awesome with laying tile so our numero uno major project will soon be 100 percent finished.

The pool house (aka, she-shed) has sat wide open without a garage door since last winter but I refuse to install a standard track door and haven’t found an acceptable alternative.  Will we get this done before winter???

We figuratively struck gold twice this summer in the landscaping department.  First, we were extremely fortunate to stumble upon a local nursery going out of business and bought numerous  truck-loads of shrubs and trees.  Second, a nearby demolished home had huge flower beds of hybrid hastas.  The neighbors were scrambling to find new homes for anything anyone could take.  So, I took and took some more.

NEXT UP: Last winter we wrapped up the remodel of the baby’s room but didn’t get around to decorating it until this summer. Funny how you can put a ton of effort into flooring, painting, new windows, and lighting, but nothing gets noticed until you hang cute animal pictures on the wall.