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The garage door is the ugly step child of curb appeal conversations but in reality is HUGELY important.


Never mind the tree that appears to be growing on the peak of my roof, the garage doors you see here could be original to the 50’s. Two industrial size springs would make enough noise to wake up the dead anytime someone came home which is awesomely helpful when you have children in desperate need of naps.


If you’ve never gone online to search for new garaged doors you should. Many of the larger garage door supply companies have user friendly programs where you upload a photo of your existing garage, select some features of your new door and voia, your new door is pictured installed and ready.


I had fun with a Facebook post and crowd sourced preferences for Options A and B above. Windows were a must but Option A was with a modern look and Option B more of a traditional craftsman style.

Of course, I had to keep exploring options. We went with Option A but I would definitely trade for two cars parked in the garage.