[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text title=”Hansom Park vs Benson. Which neighborhood is the best value.”]Both of these neighborhoods are constant favorite among first time home buyers. Truth is, both neighborhoods are an excellent choice for those looking to keep their home search under $150,000. There are no losers in this battle.

The Benson entertainment district has been all the buzz in the past few years and it is well deserved. The 5 block stretch of Maple between 58th and 63rd streets has seen a flurry of new development featuring 17 bars or restaurants appealing to a wide range of patrons from young to young at heart.

The homes of Benson have always been some of the best buy for Omaha’s price per square foot. Size, style, and condition very street by street if not home by home. Not dissimilar to Dundee, rental homes throughout the neighborhood are welcomed and add a youthful diversity of the area. It is as if Benson finally embraced its uniqueness and grew into its own skin. The nerdy kid next door grew up and is actually kinda cool.

The commercial confidence of the area is attractive. Larger, more planned entertainment districts in other parts of Omaha pay big bucks to try to manufacture this type of hype but the Benson area mojo is all self-made. Hipster or not, the Benson area will suit many first time homebuyers.

Both Benson and Hanscom Park technically lie on the outskirts and in nearly opposite corners of Midtown Omaha. If Benson is for the nightlife than Hansom Park is for the early riser. Close to walking trails, dog parks, churches, and country clubs, Hanscom Park may not have the bar or entertainment seen but the few places of interest it does have make other neighborhoods very jealous.
Stuck in the southeast corner of interstates 480 and 80 even the likes of the Food Network have visited this quiet neighborhood. Lo Sole Mio. Greek Islands. Dinkers. Those three restaurants break all the rules of small neighborhood joints because they are constantly attracting patrons far outside the typical local surrounding.

As the bed and breakfast neighborhood to downtown Omaha, within walking distance you can hop on a running trail, hit a quick 18 holes, or hang with your four legged friends at the bark park. The vitality of this neighborhood is centered around the abundance of affordable housing and friendly neighbors. With homes dating back to the late 1800’s you can count on the need for a few DIY weekend projects but the character found inside and out of these homes is unmatched elsewhere in Omaha.

Quality homes in both neighborhoods can be found around the $125,000 to $145,000 price point. Typical of pre 1930 neighborhoods many home buyers like the availability of detached garages off alley ways. Hanscom Park has a larger selection of the larger two and two and a half story homes especially along the 32 Avenue and 33 St blocks. If you are looking for the classic bungalow and American foursquare architectural styles both neighborhoods will offer plenty of options[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]