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Years ago I gave up on the idea of changing the oil in my car. It was an easy trade. Twenty minutes at the local station instead of an entire Saturday afternoon trapped under the hood.

I wish I could say the same for my lawn care. My weekends are often consumed with yard work but I just can’t get myself to hire it out.

The size of my yard is both the reason why I should and the reason why I can’t hire it out. $150 each week to mow is a hard pill to swallow especially when you already have a riding lawn mower.

You would think the fertilizer and weed control would be the easy part but year after year I would forget or run out of time. Thankfully someone gave me a tip a few years back has always stuck in my head.

The advice was simple. Do your lawn care on the holidays. St Patricks Day, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Halloween are perfectly paired with an idiot proof lawn fertilizer program like the one offered locally by Loveland Lawns – Grass Pad.

Six steps, two prevent rotated with weed and feed applications followed by fertilizers in the Fall. It’s easy.

The holidays may also give you that extra day off from work to get the task done. Make your neighbors green with envy this year and easily remember when to put down the fertilizer using a holiday reminder. Being a holiday it also gives you a built in excuse to use the beverage holder on the riding mower.