Bags of leaf's

I can’t believe I actually got a jump on my lawn and landscaping already. Every year I tell myself to have the lawn raked, aerated, and ready for the first round of fertilizer around St Patrick’s Day but it rarely happens. Now I am hearing some voices say that it is too early to landscape???

Lawn and Landscaping Resources

There are three sources that I pay attention to when it comes to lawn and landscaping. The first place is the local golf course. Nobody wants green grass more so than the groundskeeper on tee box number one.

The second place is Uncle’s Grass Pad/Loveland Lawns. I’ve always understood that a lot of the local professional lawn companies purchase their products from these guys. And, as they say, their 5 step system is “idiot proof.”

The final and best source is always the local lawn and landscape professional. During the cold winter months I will often take a mental health break and stop to smell the flowers in the heated nursery at Mulhall’s. While there, the professionals are more than happy to answer questions on the upcoming growing season.

Patera Landscaping, Forest Green Lawns, and Lonergan Lawns are my local go-to guys that can answer specific lawn questions that google struggle with.

Spring Lawn & Landscaping Tips

So the question remains, when is it appropriate to start landscaping? Here is what the pros told me…

  • Aerate or power rake to remove winter thatch as soon as the ground is dry enough from the winter thaw.
  • Spring pre-emergent herbicide should be applied to the lawn when the soil temperature is around 55 degrees.
  • Apply too early and pre-emergent will not be strong enough to prevent germination of weeds.
  • Trim back and refresh your landscape beds as early as you’d like.
  • Two to three inches of mulch will suppress weeds and protect plants from temperature fluctuations.
  • Don’t skimp on the pre-emergent. Apply to your landscape beds too.
  • Planting season starts in earnest around Mother’s Day but there is a lot of “ground work” that can be done before then.

The Perfect Temp for Landscaping

Not sure what the ground temperature is? Of course not, but you can find anything on the web. The University of Nebraska Lincoln has a website with daily updates found here

Landscaping for a Home Sale

Landscaping in preparation for a home sale is a whole other factor to consider. In the winter, everyone’s house looks terrible from the outside so it’s not a big issue. But, if your home sale is planned for the spring it’s a good idea to get a head start on your neighbors. Your goal is green and cheap. Every dollar you spend is money out of your proceeds.