Raise your hand if you absolutely despise plumbing repairs…This guy!

Plumbing is simple. Water flows down hill. Turn this valve here and water flows there. So, why does every plumbing repair require no less than 3 trips to the hardware store?

Honestly, I think it is a collective conspiracy of the worldwide plumbers union to confuse the average Joe (or Josephine) so you have no choice but hire a professional. Mind you, the plumber is the most expensive contractor you can invite over for a visit.

I feel more than competent I won’t burn the house down while rewiring the bathroom exhaust fan but ask me to install a new sink faucet and you better put earmuffs on the kids.

“Tube is measured by outside diameter (OD), while pipe is measured by inside diameter,”  reads an online explanation of plumbing terms. Tube? Pipe? What the heck is the difference? Drum trap? Schedule 40? I don’t want to play music or schedule anything, I just want to stop the leak.

Supporting evidence to my argument are the custom installation tools packaged and sold with new sink faucets.  Are you telling me that in the entire plumbing world you can’t design a kitchen faucet so a regular wrench can handle the install?

Rarely do I ever feel compelled to put my complaints in writing but plumbing can bring out the worst in anyone.  In the meantime, if you ever see me in the plumbing isle at Lowe’s, hit me over the head with a pipe…or a tube… or whatever they call that shiny copper stuff.