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If neutral is so boring why does it constantly bring in the big bucks in real estate? Neutral wall color. Neutral carpet. Neutral counter-tops. Show me a house with lots of color and a strong personality and I will show you ten boring neutral homes that can out perform Mr Fancy Pants any old day. Why? Because neutral is agreeable and unassuming. Neutral let’s YOU decide the rules. It’s a blank painter’s canvas waiting patiently for your splash of personality. Rach style house with beautiful spring trees Take this first photograph for example. This is a home I am selling in Deer Creek. The brick and exterior siding color are complimentary light tans. Neutral by nature. This allows the green grass and exciting splash of crab-apple blossom take on the role of creating curb appeal and it works! Dark exterior Home Neutral doesn’t always mean light. The dark gray on the exterior of this home almost makes it feel like this house was built off-site and dropped perfectly into the landscape. A contrasting or bold color would separate the home from its surrounding and I can guarantee you the owners of this home aren’t often found cooped up inside with the curtains drawn. Neutral wall coloring The same goes for the inside a home. Here, the neutral wall color takes on the personality of the other items in the foreground. Furniture, throw pillows, artwork, and lamps create the space. If you don’t like the throw pillows, well, throw them out. Feel like adding a splash of spring color to the walls? Change the artwork. See how that works? Easy! Neutral is the golden ticket.